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How To Look Out For Constructive Criticism

Criticism is something that majority of people do not subscribe to. In fact, the clue of opening up to criticism or even welcoming it is a terrifying one in any aspect of life. The situation is more dangerous to people like writers. For a writer, the texts they put onto the page are not mere functions of texts. Writers go through the whole process of weighing their words before people get to read them. With writing, it is special, and it attaches to the theoretical part of you. Written texts can last for a long time when compared to other forms of communication. It is not a wise idea for anyone to allow themselves to be criticized of their writing. You should be as neutral as possible when doing an honest judgement.

Even for the biggest authors in the world, they fear criticism and they prefer to surround themselves with sycophantic fans. The authors have an ego that they are trying to protect. There is criticism that is constructive. Some criticism will be persistent and rude meant to make the writer feel bad. This type of criticism is fine to ignore. If a criticism is geared towards making you feel bad, then there is more to the person. Positive criticism builds a writer because all the mistakes have been pointed out without bad intentions. There are times that you need another eye to have a look at what you have done and pinpoint the wrong.

This perspective of constructive criticism is critical for growing and learning as a writer. There are ways that one could pick out positive criticism from a whole lot of criticism. One of the ways freelancers can get constructive criticism is for them to ask a client if there is anything that they would have preferred after you have submitted a piece. Do not make it mandatory for your clients to give in their views about the work you have done for them because some may not be comfortable with that. While you have made it an option, some may not reply, but there are those that could provide an insight into bettering your work in future.

For those that write novels, there are services that they could benefit from regarding criticism. The criticism comes from an audience that has invested in writing. If you have half-written novels on your hard drive, select few of the best chapters and then throw yourself into the community wholeheartedly. Check for writers who have done some writing in the past to give you an opinion of your work if you feel that throwing yourself to the community is hard. This method is useful because you do not have to make it public.