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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Dog Free from Paw Yeast infection

The paw yeast infection is worst as well as the commonest diseases affecting dogs today. This condition causes unspeakable suffering because it results in constant scratching and a bad smell as well. In such cases, the truth of the saying that prevention is better than cure becomes very evident. It is necessary to take some precautionary measures if your intention is to protect your pet from this disease. Below are helpful tips to guide you in preventing this condition.

Keeping Your Pet Clean
Hygiene for your pet is of the utmost importance if you hope to keep them from being infected. In most of the cases, dog ears, and paws are the ones affected by the yeast infection. The reason for this is that these regions offer a good environment for the multiplication of the causal bacteria, making it hard to notice until the problem has become worse. Its even worse for dogs that have long and floppy ears such as the Spaniels and the golden retrievers. To ensure that the possibility of the infection taking hold is eliminated, you need to constantly keep these parts of your dog clean and dry. Doing so will prevent the bacteria from establishing themselves and spreading. Also make a point of cleaning up your dog’s house and keeping it dry and aired as well.

Physical Fitness
This is also a sure approach to overall pet health and well-being. The importance of a good walk with the dog cannot be overemphasised. Be always ready to take your dog out for a walk as much as you can to guarantee his health and fitness.Carrying out this exercise will also provide you with an opportunity to enjoy yourself as you also enjoy the friendship of your pet and family as well.

Good Eating Habits
Establishment of proper eating habits for your dog may be just the thing you need to do to prevent the infection of your pet with diseases. Your pet can also be kept in a healthy condition simply by giving it the proper diet. Make sure that the food given to your dog is clean, well prepared and appropriate. Ensure that you do not give your pet food that may end up causing discomfort or even encourage the growth of some harmful bacteria or viruses.

Application of Cider Vinegar
Cider vinegar is a great natural remedy to most of the conditions affecting dogs. Its application to the affected area always brings relief. It can as well be used to prevent the disease from occurring in the first place. This is done by its application on the dog after washing so as to kill the bacteria that may have been present. Cider vinegar, when included in the dog’s diet in small amounts, is also an effective way of boosting the dog’s immunity by keeping at bay any disease-causing microorganisms.

Finding Parallels Between Breeds and Life

Finding Parallels Between Breeds and Life