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Managing Supply Chain Logistics made easier—SMBs to Benefit from CommonSense Robotics’ $6M Funding

E-commerce is increasingly growing and over the past few years improving the small business owner’s capability has been a bone of contention. However, thanks to eCommerce experts like eMerchantBroker who have been helping retailers set up e-commerce merchant accounts and ensure safe, fast and efficient payment processing despite the few setbacks.

Nevertheless, retailers and customers still suffer late delivery despite the vigorous (and highly appreciated) efforts Walmart’s and Amazon are making to fasten the process. Unlike top eCommerce companies, most small to medium-sized businesses still lack the large warehouses and tools they need to streamline the delivery process. As a result, SMBs find managing supply chain logistics a very challenging task.

However, the small retailer should stay confident especially now that CommonSense Robotics, experts in on-demand supply chain logistics is offering a helping hand. CommonSense Robotics has been helping small businesses manage such logistics by building micro-fulfilment centers within already existing retail sites. Two weeks ago, CommonSense Robotics received a generous $6 million seed round funding from two primary investors, Innovation Endeavours and Aleph VC.

With the help of this funding, CommonSense Robotics is better placed to assist small and medium-sized merchants complete online their orders in just a few hours. The major setback to quick deliveries was access to these facilities and the stress of weighing their cost against the costs of delivery. Earlier on, merchants would raise delivery fees and the price of items to recompense their bottom line. But with these micro-fulfilment centers, small businesses can now compete fairly against leading players in eCommerce.

In his comments, Eyal Goren, the head of the software and co-founder of CommonSense Robotics spoke of the fruits the retail industry is reaping from the company’s provision. According to him, retailers who use micro-fulfilment centers are not only setting a new trend in the market but also catching up with the leaders in eCommerce.

With this seed round of financial support, CommonSense Robotics’ excellent idea—the on-demand supply chain logistics—will transform the face of logistics and operations in small to medium-sized business. Retailers are now looking forward to an easier on-demand supply process and simpler management of logistics. What’s more, a restructured delivery process will play a significant role in reducing Chargebacks which remains a nightmare for most merchants.